Ryan's Scrabble Score Generator v1.1

Enter your name, or whatever pleases you into the form box, to get its Scrabble score... Spaces, have no point value. No, you can't get triple word score, or even double letter score. And yes, while you can enter your name, technically, proper nouns are not valid scrabble words. Anything that is not a letter [a-zA-Z] or a space, will be ignored.

**2012 Update** Holy cow, after eight years this is still getting hits. WTF? Updated a little because for the past few years register globals has been off and this has been broken because in 2004 when I wrote this I was learning PHP and did not know how bad an idea that was. I may or may not make the page more efficient... Probably not. -R
255) { $WordLength=255;} // And step through it. for ($x=0;$x<$WordLength;$x++) { $CurLetter= substr($strWord,$x,1); // if its not in [a-z] or is not a space, ignore it if (ctype_alpha($CurLetter) || ctype_space($CurLetter) ) { //if its a space, convert it to an underscore. This is because in the files, we have the blank tile saved as _.gif if ($CurLetter==" ") { $CurLetter='_';} // Done in three lines because I couldn't recall if doing $CurLetter.gif would work right or would php see it as an object at the time... print "$CurLetter"; // Then when I built the dumpstring part, I realized "Yeah, it works just fine meathead" And didn't fix my previous code. $DumpString="$DumpString<img src='http://www.solfire.com/scrabble/$CurLetter.gif'>"; // Takes the current letter, subtracts 95 from it. and then extracts that value from the point array above and sums into the running total score. $CurrentScore+=$PointArray[ord($CurLetter)-95]; } } // Better put in that © just to cover my butt. print "
Scrabble© Score is: $CurrentScore"; // Finish up the blog string. Yes, its not going to validate through most html validators, but hey, its a Blog Meme. $DumpString="$DumpString<br>My Scrabble© Score is: $CurrentScore.<br><a href="http://www.solfire.com/scrabble/">What is your score? Get it here.</a></td></table>" ?>

To post this in your blog... if you dare;

I'll be honest, I stole the graphic for the tiles and the smidgen of text below from http://www.thepixiepit.co.uk/scrabble/rules.html. Go visit their site, give them love. Additionally!: Go check out Jason Silver's site, CrookedBush.com He e-mailed me and informed me that he was the one who did the scrabble work for Pixie Pit. He's got a rather slick game on his site, where you can even play an interactive spelling game that is quite impressive. If you're looking to donate to help me, don't, go give him the props, he did more work than I did, I just threw together a quick script and so on...

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